I'm Chuggz Rockwell, and this is my gallery.

A gallery is a place to look at pictures of me. It's also a place to learn about The History of Chuggz Rockwell. 

Year: 1783 B.C. 

Chuggz Rockwell is born unto the world. The nations rejoice, believing he will soon fulfill the ancient prophecies.  

Year: 504 B.C. 

Chuggz Rockwell discovers a new form of music. He names it, "Comedy-Rock" and teaches it to everyone. No one can believe how good it is. 

Year: 1776

Chuggz Rockwell takes a break from rocking to invent bifocal lenses and discover electricity.

Year: 1999

Chuggz Rockwell gets 25-life for illegally downloading Cotton-Eyed Joe on Limewire. In his final act as president, he is pardoned by Bill Clinton.